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Brand New Medical Study

CBD for adults with symptoms of anxiety or stress and chronic pain

We are investigating a potential new treatment using CBD for symptoms of anxiety or stress in adults who have chronic pain. 

In order to be considered to take part in the study, you’ll need to meet all of the following:

💡 18-70 years old

💡 Have chronic pain

💡 Have symptoms of  anxiety or stress

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If you take part in the research study you will receive:

Reimbursement of costs

For out-of-pocket expenses, such as travel and parking.

Free study-related medical care

You may gain access to new research treatments, before they are widely available.

No overnight stays!

All study visits are out-patient only.

Help investigate a potential new CBD treatment for stress and anxiety in people who have chronic pain

🏥 Study Guide

Who can take part in this study?

In order to be eligible to participate in the study, you must meet all of the following:

  • You are 18-70 years old
  • You have chronic pain
  • You have symptoms of anxiety or stress

Who is unable to take part in this study?

Unfortunately, if you meet any of the following, this study is not the right fit for you:

  • Anyone with a current diagnosis of certain mental health disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder (MDD), post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety disorders (including generalised anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder), obsessive compulsive disorder.
  • Anyone currently/with a history of taking any psychotropic medications for treatment of mental health illness within one month prior to screening (including antidepressants, benzodiazepines and/or antipsychotics).

How long will the study take?

If you agree to take part, and the study is suitable for you, your participation in the study is expected to last for approximately 7 weeks. This will involve:

  • At least 3 visits to the study site 
  • The screening visit will include eligibility assessments such as vital signs, a blood test and a drug screen  (this visit will take up to 1 hour) 
  • Start of treatment and end of treatment visits involving health checks (these visits will last around 1 hour).
  • Completion of questionnaires - you will be contacted to remind you to complete the at home questionnaires (these questionnaires should only take 10 minutes to complete).

What is the purpose of this study?

EMD-RX5, a potential new treatment for managing anxiety and stress symptoms, is a CBD product derived from the non-psychoactive component of cannabis. This study aims to determine the efficacy of two different doses of EMD-RX5 in improving anxiety and stress symptoms in adults with chronic pain over a 4-week period.

Why is this study important?

Almost a third of Australian adults with pain often experience temporary psychological distress. This can impact a person’s quality of life, taking them away from work and social activities.  Symptoms of psychological distress, such as acute stress, anxiety or nervous tension, are particularly common in patients with chronic pain.

Where is my nearest study site?

Here is a list of all of the sites who are currently recruiting for this study:


  • North Sydney - Pioneer Clinical Research


  • Tarragindi - AusTrials Wellers Hill
  • Taringa - AusTrials Taringa
  • Southport - Griffith University


  • Adelaide - PARC Clinical Research 


  • Nedlands - Captain Stirling Medical Centre 
  • Joondalup - Linear Clinical Research
  • Spearwood - TrialsWest


  • Bruce - Paratus Clinical

What if I have other questions about the study?

We are here for you! Click or tap this button to send an email to our Patient Experience team: